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‘’ After knowing about TYTF, I feel comfortable now, since I had school fees problems. Now it has been taken care of. During the training session, I learned a lot but the one that I won’t forget is about the business plan. After completing my plumbing course, I would wish to have a Pipe Welding machine. This working tool will be of great importance in ensuring I deliver my services to the clients in real-time. I would love to open my hardware shop in the future.’’

Kevin Okinyi, 19, Kware- student

‘’I am studying a dressmaking course. I have managed to acquire skills in tailoring, operating a sewing machine, cloth overlap, alter, circular, fitting dress, and apron. I appreciate TYTF for coming in to help me pay the course fees. I have experienced challenges when practicing my
skills such as lack of funds for cloth materials, lack of sewing machines and tools. My next plan is to buy a sewing machine and start my own business.’’

Diana Akoth, 19, Lungalunga-student

Why TYTF? Well, to me, it’s the best place to improve my soft skills and grow my career so I can impact my community. The trainers are friendly and helpful.

Ashley Awinja ,19, Mukuru Sinai, Hairdresser- Alumni

The training has enabled me to believe in myself and conduct various training sessions with specific target groups in the community. This had led to a great positive impact on my life. Thanks to them I had the opportunity to study and finish school get some amazing work
experience as well as exposure.

Caroline Wanza, 23, Mukuru Ruben, chief cook- Alumni


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