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Jacob Odongo Otuoma

The training has really helped in my career development in that I aspire to do development work full time and the training has really contributed in terms of enhancing my professionalism. I have been engaged in community and development work for a very long time (13years) but there were some things that I did devoid of professionalism. I greatly feel that the training that I have so far has really opened my eyes in this direction. Now I really feel confident in my volunteer work that am currently doing at Ngei 1 Development Youth Group and with YIKE in terms of training the youth groups. Now the training has provided me with a new impetus and now I go out with full confidence looking for employment opportunities and also possibility of starting my on development initiative employing the education acquired.

Lillian Atieno Olieti

I would like to take this opportunity to thank TYTF for the support they have given me through out my course.  Actually, TYTF has helped me develop my career by sponsoring me while pursuing my diploma course in community development at Kenya Institute of Development Studies.  Being the first beneficiary at TYTF, I am very proud coz all first things fall under me and I like that.  Cheers to TYTF for all the support up to this particular moment of working at Ngei 1 Development youth group. God bless, Lilian

Mildred Andia

TYTF has been a hall mark of success and encouragement in my life and through the Fund I have been able to get attachment with various organizations while on holiday to gain experience as a social worker and now get employment as a Social Worker with Chosen Children of Promise, an NGO in Kawangware.

I pray that the Fund gets many supporters who are willing to contribute in aid of a needy youth so that many more youths will benefit like I have done and have their hope for the future restored.

I urge fellow youths never to give up on themselves even when there seems like there is no hope for there is always a light at the end of the tunnel

Millan Anyango

“I’m very grateful for what TYTF has done to my life; the organization has really changed my life in terms of knowledge. I completed my secondary studies in the year 2006 despite financial struggles experienced by my mum to pay my fees. I joined a youth group in Huruma which enable me to make many connections through which I found myself as a member and the first student to be recruited at the TYTF.
I thank God because to me, this was a miracle. God had answered my prayers after one full year of being idle and restless and not knowing if I would ever join a college or not.
Thanks to God and TYTF as whole because I joined Crown ways Institute of Professional Studies in the year 2008 -2009 where I completed with a certificate in Community Development and Social Work. I’m through with both my studies and attachments & I’m in the process of job hunting.
TYTF am grateful for sponsorship & making my dream of achieving in life come true. Fellow youths, lets not give up so easily in life; focus, work hard, be determined & above all  pray to God and you shall achieve in life.
Thank you TYTF may God bless you!”


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