Hire Our Interns

Every day TYTF works with young people helping them advance their education, readying them for the workforce, and giving them an opportunity to access good career paths. We are always looking for partner companies, businesses, and agencies to place our trainees for internships and to give them jobs. You can become one of our partner organizations, while at the same time getting employees who are enthusiastic and excited to grow your organization. If you are interested to engage our alumni (Hairdressers, Dressmakers, Plumbers, Caterers, and social workers) please contact us.

Volunteer with Us

TYTF is committed to building opportunities for youth. We would like to engage dedicated volunteers to help with our work to connect young people with their communities and organizations. We would love to work with individuals who have skills and capabilities to share with youth in the below ways:

I am interested in volunteering to

  1. Train young people
  2. Mentor young people
  3. Open your office/business/workstation for a brief tour or Q/A
  4. All the above

 Please take a moment to contact us and we will get back to you. Thank you.

Student from dressmaking course showcase her work.