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Tujiendeleze is a swahili word meaning let's develop ourselves. It is in this spirit that Tujiendeleze Youth Trust Fund (TYTF) was started.

The purpose of the Trust is to support bright and capable young people, who are active in Community Development but in need of financial assistance, to pursue their dreams of entering higher education.

The objective of the trust is to provide sponsorship and support to young disadvantaged people with a purpose to study and to alleviate poverty by enabling youthto participate in community cdevelopment.

The trust also aims at fundraising to help establish, promote and enhance the concept of community development and poverty alleviation among the youth at the national, regional and global level.

TYTF would like to expand its activities and resource base in the following ways:

  • Provision of more funds to support more students
  • Continued development of training and mentorship programmes for students
  • Development of an effective and large membership base to support the Trust’s activities
  • Development of effective individual and corporate fundraising strategies


History – Tujiendeleze Youth Trust Fund was started at the end of 2007 as an informal initiative to help some young people to raise funds to study Community Development.  The initiative was aimed at supporting young people who had shown potential and who were highly active in their communities but were lacking sufficient funds to pursue their dreams of studying and developing a career in Community Development.

Due to the initial fundraising success a decision was taken to develop the initiative into a Trust Fund and a team of 5 people worked on the modalities of forming an organization, which was to be registered with the Ministry of Lands.  This process was completed in the middle of 2009. 

So far, we have sponsored 10 students to study Community Development and/or Social Work at Diploma Level.  We have supported 3 students who started in 2008, a further 3 who started in 2009 and another 4 who started in late 2010 / early 2011

Of these 10, three have now completed their courses and a further two have almost completed, whilst the other five are still busy with their studies.  We are happy to note that three of our students are now in full-time employment within the Development Sector and most of the others are engaged in part-time and/or voluntary work.


In 2012 we will also be supporting 5 young people to undertake the Consciousness and Learning Programme, a one year programme run by Ujamaa Centre in Mombasa -